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High School Forever League Bio

Welcome to the High School is Forever fantasy football league, home of 12 degenerates who are confident this site will make us all rich and able to quit our day jobs. We all grew up together so these rivalries run deeper than just fantasy football. Which one of the Simone boys is pop pops favorite? Is Eric really smarter than Tony? Who are you taking in ball 1 on 1, Goose or Glenn? All these questions probably won’t be answered but you’ll get to see all the shit talking and heart breaks that make this league championship so much better.

2019/2020 Final Standings
1. Sammy gave me a Chubb (7-6)
2. The Clawwww (9-4)
3. Baby Shaker Baker (9-4)
4. Ringless Robby (7-6)
5. Mud Monkeys (6-7)
6. Officer Dickskin (7-6)
8. AB’s Wild Ride (6-7)
9. Let me hit your JuJul (5-8)
10. SuttOn My Face (5-8)
11. Hepatitis D (5-8)
12. Julio’s Waffle House (5-8)

High School Forever Latest News

Week 2 Run Down 2020/2021

Week 2..half of you guys finally realize what morons you are that scary terry in the 5th, baby knees as your RB1, Saquon in the 1st just isn’t winning football. For you guys you have 12 more weeks to think about your actions and…

WeEKLY RUN DOWN – 2020 Week 1

Welcome back boys. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Another year which means another year of heartache, another year of devastation, another year laughing at Robbo. The joy it brings me to be writing this to you guys on this very special day, happy…

Draft Day 2021 – Ringless Robby

That 3am feeling when the draft is over and you’re stuck with your own thoughts looking at the shit team you just drafted even though this year was the year you were going to show the league you weren’t a bird brain idiot.

Betting week 1

This week’s bets, lines courtesy of ESPN Fantasy and Tony Tens Mud Monkeys (+10.5) v Julios Waffe House (-10.5) Tony’s Lines: Waffles -160, Mud Monkeys at +210 Action taken:Dannys got $10 and a Wendy’s 4 for $4 against Tony on the spread, taking Mud…

2019/2020 Championship

Recap of the 2019/2020 Championship told in a picture story. “The come back will be greater than the fall. Revenge is sweet.” – The Clawwww

Semi Finals 2019/20

And then there were 4… In this weeks loser leaves town we got 2 former champs vs two semi-finalist losers from last year. We got 2 people who know how to finish and 2 people who look like robbo trynna get a dance at…

Playoffs Round 1 2019/20

PLAYOFFS?????? (insert Jim Mora here) I know all of you got some extra coins in your pocket and ready to throw in some ridiculous parlays. Have no fear boys the guru is here. @matty @robbo 😉 . I couldn’t be happier to see 3…

Week 13 Run Down 2019/20

Alright boys, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.. week 13.. loser literally goes home.. unless you’re me and then you’re stuck considering if you should rest guys or play for the home field advantage. For most of you this is going to be…

Week 12 Run Down 2019/20

Alright boys week fucking 12. The clock is ticking for most of you dumpster fire squads.. 2 more weeks to drag your sorry ass teams to the playoffs. For majority of the league id like to thank you for your donations in advance, without…

Week 11 Run Down 2019/20

Alright boys, week 11, ton of playoff implications on the line. For most of you this is all we have so… don’t fuck it up. With that being said my record speaks for itself so believe everything i say.. especially when I’m trying to…

Week 10 Run Down 2019/20

Alright boys that bitch left, i got my laptop back and I’m ready to dive balls deep into week 10. Coming into this week with a 15-8-1 record. I got a sick record, a sick team and everything is sick. Lets do it..  Mud…

Week 9 Rankings

Alright boys with week 8 in the books we’re officially 2/3 of the way done with the regular season. We’re gunna switch it up by doing a little look at the standings and an in depth analysis of each said lineup that you guys…

Week 8 Run Down 2019/20

Leading into week 8, we’re nearly done with 2/3 of the regular season…time for the bottom feeders to start hitting the panic button. As i told you guys last week, I’m a virtual lock with my picks so take everything i say as fact…

Week 7 Run Down 2019/20

Happy Thursday boys. Football is back which means the week doesn’t suck anymore. Week 7 matchups coming in hot and gotta say, love the board this week. My 7-4-1 record on my picks speak for itself so if i put the bullseye on you…..


Whats up fantasy enthusiasts, bad beats will be brought to you by Matty Simone AKA Matty Ice AKA the best fantasy player that has never won. I’ve finished 2nd once and 4th three times. Leading the scoring 2 out of my 4 years I…

Week 6 Run Down 2019/20

Sorry for the delay boys I’ve been busy this week but here’s our week 6 breakdown. Before you read I just want to point out in 4-2 on the season in prediction so take everything I say as fact…  SuttOn my Face(2-3)vs ABs Wild…

Week 5 Run Down 2019/20

Quick week 5 matchup preview before the thursday night game  1st matchup of the week  HOP off deez Nuks (1-3) vs Julio’s Waffle House: With thursday night football looming it felt right to lead off with the most meaningless game of the week that…

Week 4 Run Down 2019/20

With week 4 in the books and a fourth of the season officially over lets take a look and see how the early season is panning out.  Sammy gave me a Chubb (3-1)  Gotta say after a rocky start and a sober draft, I’m…

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