Whats up fantasy enthusiasts, bad beats will be brought to you by Matty Simone AKA Matty Ice AKA the best fantasy player that has never won. I’ve finished 2nd once and 4th three times. Leading the scoring 2 out of my 4 years I have been apart of this league. Never outside the top 4 and ALWAYS making the playoffs.

To put in perspective some of the shit I go through I will take y’all through the worst ‘beats’ that have occurred in my fantasy career. The year is 2017 and it’s week 4 of the regular season. I haven’t won a game I said best fantasy player with the worst luck. The match up is between me and Darren, its Monday night football and I know this is a prime opportunity for my team to pull out a victory. Darren is a respectable player he tries but I’m not going to sugarcoat it he SUCKS at fantasy. Should be a walking bye week every time you play him, so I’m feeling very confident at this point. Going into Monday night he was beating me. But he’s out of players and I still have Chris Thompson. Chris Thompson has a very respectable game and puts me up going into the final drive for the redskins. The score is 113.5 to 111.98…its TIGHT but I’m winning. This shit should be over. They’re of course losing so the final kickoff doesn’t mean much. Redskins have one play left and then the game is over and my season is back on track. The Redskins run the old hook and ladder and guess which motherfucker ends up with it. THAT’S RIGHT CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING THOMPSON. This FUCKING GUY fumbles the ball as time expires and I lose the game 111.98 to 111.5. Fucking AWFUL BEAT.

The next bad beat that rings home for me was last years (2019) season. This is week 5 and I’m going against Eric Giorno AKA Pinky. A very AVERAGE fantasy player. He’ll be in it for a little bit then fall off because he gets trade raped or just chokes under pressure. But back to me getting absolutely bent over. Its another Monday night game and I have all my players done all he has left is George Kittle. I’m up 153.26 to 136.12. Nothing crazy but a 17.12 lead with only his tightend to play. Kittle has a decent game through 3 quarters and I’m looking good. Then in the last fucking quarter he catches a nice 25 yard TD to get 9.5 fantasy points and ends up beating me 156.92 to 153.26. The touchdown and the loss are one thing but what makes this a FUCKING BAD BEAT is I would have beaten anyone else because I was the second highest scorer right behind Pinky. Unfuckingreal.

The last bad beat comes from Danny and Ethan. Danny does have a ring but he is VERY overrated. Talks the most shit and only backs it up with his one championship victory. But with the way he acts you would think he has 10. Not to mention he is the LUCKIEST fantasy player I have ever met. Ethan on the other hand is a very humble player who gets the job done. No rings to show for it but does have a ship appearance. Ethan and Danny had a BLOODBATH of a matchup in week 2 of 2019. The final score was 140.16 to 140.8, Danny of course got the win and how did he get the win?? Ethan’s fucking kicker shanked a 42 yarder and in result he lost 1 point, instead of gaining 4. Absolute heart breaker. What makes it even better the kicker who missed the kick was Aldrick Rosas. Danny is a very…very arrogant, annoying, brutal giants fan. So for his boy to shank the kick and send him home with a win by .64 had to put a smile on his shiteating face.

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